Nadiya Shah in Jakarta

Happy to finally be united with my cosmic sister and mentor Nadiya Shah on
a Sagittarius Full Moon in Jakarta! Pure love and magic 🦄💞🌝✨

Road trip to Bandung with Nadiya! Mindful chats and making lovely new friends. 💞

One of my biggest dreams came true in 2017! Instead of me coming to meet Nadiya in Bali, Nadiya came to meet me
in Jakarta! If someone had told me that I wouldn't have to go anywhere to meet Nadiya, I would've said no way.
But it did happen and it confirmed my belief that when it's destined, no matter how far the distance,
we'll get there. Thank you Nadiya, it was truly magical and beautiful to spend the days
with you while you were here. Till we meet again, love always and forever. 💞

After watching Nadiya's videos on YouTube for so long, here I am in video with Nadiya in Jakarta!
It was fun to talk about astrology, fashion and creative inspiration with you. Thank you for
being you and sharing your light and inspiration with me - inspiring me to stay true
to myself, yet always be open to explore new paths and possibilities.

Yaviz Basalamah

For more information about Nadiya Shah please go to her Official Website.

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