The Vedic Vixen

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Mixed Media Illustration, 2017

My special tribute to the beautiful and insightful Claire Nakti - who
has been a wise and knowledgeable friend and inspiration.

Due to YouTube, Instagram, and social media in general, the cosmetics industry has seen a huge interest growth in women's beauty. This shows the deep interest that we, as human beings (both men and women), have for the female form. Although modern culture tends to emphasize a certain kind of “feminism” that may encourage women to leave behind their unique magnetic femininity and take on more traditionally masculine traits, the popularity of cosmetics online is a testament that many women still want to embrace the unique opportunity to explore the feminine mysteries, which inevitably center around the female body and the power it possesses. Astrology is the science of the magnetic astral forces operating on human beings. We all possess a starry (astral) magnetic body that is subject to the planets. A human being's appearance is a result of the planetary bodies acting upon this subtle sheath. Just as in Cosmology we find that each planet is essential and possessing its own incomparable beauty, so too do we find that there are many types of beauty that human beings embody. -Cosmetique Astrology

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