Astrology Realized

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Super wonderful update! 

'The Wise Astrologer' artwork that I made for my dear friend Nadiya Shah has been turned into a book cover!

I was beyond happy when I found out because I really had no clue! I made the artwork as a thank you for her
generosity and kindness towards my curiosity about astrology. Although I did also mention that
she's free to do anything with the artwork that can make her and others feel inspired.
I am feeling truly honoured!

Congratulations, Nadiya! I wish you nothing but the best, always, and I hope more and more people
can be enlivened by your loving wisdom and understanding of the stars and beyond.

I've learnt so much from you, I am forever grateful.

Yaviz Basalamah

For more information about the book please visit

Pagi Pagi Bagi Bagi

 On the set of 'Pagi Pagi Bagi Bagi' at Indosiar, March 6th 2013

With Irfan Hakim and Okky Lukman on the set of 'Pagi Pagi Bagi Bagi' at Indosiar

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Irfan Hakim can be seen wearing The Y Label on the live show 'Pagi Pagi Bagi Bagi' on Indonesia's national TV
channel, Indosiar. We're excited to work with the show because Irfan has a signature wit and playful
style which makes him a unique figure of inspiration, fun and confidence. 

Through the show and Irfan, I hope we can inspire Indonesian men to become even more comfortable
wearing traditional Indonesian materials while at the same time being a little more
playful and contemporary with their style.

Yaviz Basalamah

For more pictures from the show please visit The Y Label's Facebook Page.