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An adjective to describe yourself?

When did you realize it was time to launch your first collection?
When everything fell into place! I found my inspiration back in 2009/2010 when I was working at my uncle’s
textile company. Then finding the right kind of fabric, the right production team, the photographer
to help make the campaign, the retailers – everything sort of snowballed from there. The
first collection was launched in June 2011 because I felt it was the right time
to do so, and I’m grateful for that decision.

Usually, how does inspiration for an item or collection is born?
They seem to come to me at the right time, and I like to work things out as I go along. But if I have to be more
specific, then I’d say they mostly come from my imaginations and moods at the time.
They can also come when I see the kinds of fabric I like!

Where do you usually find the inspiration to make your collection?
I can easily find inspirations from art, movies, photographs, nature. But as I’ve mentioned before, I can also find
them when I see the kinds of fabric I like! And I find them by going to fashion events, visiting
traditional fabric manufacturers, and so on.

What is the thing that gets you excited when making your collection?
When things come together in my mind. Ways I can turn the fabrics into wearable creations, because that
feels like figuring out a puzzle! Next I would do the sketches, and then discuss them with
the production team. They’re definitely the most exciting parts for me!

How would you define your style?
Personal, with a mix of classic and contemporary.

Whom is the brand The Y Label created for?
Anyone who is confident, creative, open-minded and rebellious.

Today, who would be the man/woman who more than anyone else embodies the spirit of your brand?
A man, I’d have to say James Franco. He’s wonderful! Super fun and upbeat! A woman,
I love Lily Cole! She’s beautiful, natural, creative and a wonderful humanitarian!

Who have you wanted to dress up?
Daniel Radcliffe. He’s wonderful too! Very talented and artistic! I definitely would love to see him in The Y Label.

An adjective to describe The Y Label mood?

How will your next collection be?
Right now I’m focusing on The Y Label’s first collection for women. It’s still in production, but I hope
it can be ready for release sometime this year. The moods, the fabrics, shapes and
cuts will have some similarities to that of the menswear.

A garment and color which represent you?
That’s a hard question, but off the top of my head, red cotton.

A song that represents your style? A film which you would have wanted to be the stylist?
A book that might inspire your collection?
A song, Gypsy & The Cat’s Parallel Universe. As with film, Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby would’ve been great to style,
but a fantasy one like The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus would’ve been just as fun! A book, The Alchemist.

Your favorite artist?
Pablo Picasso.

Your favorite book?
Right now, The Alchemist.

The designer you appreciate most? The collection you will never forget?
John Galliano and his Autumn/Winter 2003 Women’s Ready-to-Wear collection for Dior.
Powerful, colourful and unique – as always coming from Galliano!

Fashion… dream or business? Why?
Fashion is a wonderful dream, but it cannot truly exist on its own. Just like all dreams, they take hard work
and practicality to make them come true. So can I say business of dreams?

Fashion… past, present or future? Why?
It’s mostly the present, the now and what feels best for this moment, because I feel that is what life is all about.
But true creativity can be timeless, so it can also be the past, the present and future all rolled in one!

What is beauty and luxury according to you?
Honesty and authenticity.

Your childhood dream?
To become a painter.

Your motto?
Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. It’s my all-time favourite quote by M. C. Escher!
Simply put, you really shouldn’t be afraid to try something new – not because other people
tell you to, but because you want to, and then see what happens!

Your philosophy?
Follow your heart.

Your future plan?
I’d like to open my own store. Create more items for the men and women’s collections,
for kids, and hopefully some furniture items as well later on.

What makes you feel young & loud?
Being myself!

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Posted on July 11, 2013 by Moch. Reza Rizky

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