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Mixed Media Illustration, 2017

My special tribute to the beautiful and insightful Claire Nakti - who
has been a wise and knowledgeable friend and inspiration.

Due to YouTube, Instagram, and social media in general, the cosmetics industry has seen a huge interest growth in women's beauty. This shows the deep interest that we, as human beings (both men and women), have for the female form. Although modern culture tends to emphasize a certain kind of “feminism” that may encourage women to leave behind their unique magnetic femininity and take on more traditionally masculine traits, the popularity of cosmetics online is a testament that many women still want to embrace the unique opportunity to explore the feminine mysteries, which inevitably center around the female body and the power it possesses. Astrology is the science of the magnetic astral forces operating on human beings. We all possess a starry (astral) magnetic body that is subject to the planets. A human being's appearance is a result of the planetary bodies acting upon this subtle sheath. Just as in Cosmology we find that each planet is essential and possessing its own incomparable beauty, so too do we find that there are many types of beauty that human beings embody. -Cosmetique Astrology

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Yaviz Basalamah

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Astrology Indonesia (A.I.)

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I'm excited to announce a new social group I created for astrologers and
astro enthusiasts in Indonesia called Astrology Indonesia (A.I.)! 

The group was launched on Indonesia's 72nd Independence day and is currently available for
chats discussions on WhatsApp, where we can talk about current astro transits, what
we are going through and how we can go through them. Our conversations
go beyond Sun Signs because we want to grow our knowledge,
understanding and connection with the self, others
and the world around us. 

Please note, the group is currently only for people who live in Indonesia because
we want to build an astro community in Indonesia, seeing that there
has been a limited awareness of the subject. 

If you or someone you know is interested in joining Astrology Indonesia, please do not
hesitate to contact me via DM or email at:

My hope is to connect with like-minded people who are curious to learn more about
astrology and what it means to live with a deeper connection to the planets.

Yaviz Basalamah

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Nadiya Shah in Jakarta

Happy to finally be united with my cosmic sister and mentor Nadiya Shah on
a Sagittarius Full Moon in Jakarta! Pure love and magic 🦄💞🌝✨

Road trip to Bandung with Nadiya! Mindful chats and making lovely new friends. 💞

One of my biggest dreams came true in 2017! Instead of me coming to meet Nadiya in Bali, Nadiya came to meet me
in Jakarta! If someone had told me that I wouldn't have to go anywhere to meet Nadiya, I would've said no way.
But it did happen and it confirmed my belief that when it's destined, no matter how far the distance,
we'll get there. Thank you Nadiya, it was truly magical and beautiful to spend the days
with you while you were here. Till we meet again, love always and forever. 💞

After watching Nadiya's videos on YouTube for so long, here I am in video with Nadiya in Jakarta!
It was fun to talk about astrology, fashion and creative inspiration with you. Thank you for
being you and sharing your light and inspiration with me - inspiring me to stay true
to myself, yet always be open to explore new paths and possibilities.

Yaviz Basalamah

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