New Moon in Sagittarius | Setting Your Soul on Fire

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 November 29th, 2016 

New Moon in Sagittarius:
Honor your energy. Make lists of things you love. Walk away from anything
that no longer serves you and focus on what sets your soul on fire.
Never stop exploring and start having fun along the way.

Because our energy is correlated to the intentions we hold in our heart, it often speaks louder than the words we speak or the actions we take. Why are we feeling the way we do? What are we trying to achieve with the decisions we are making? Do we have a clear picture in our mind about the reasons behind our choices? These kinds of questions can give us some clues about our true intentions and the kind of energy we are giving off. 

So rather than only focusing on what action steps we need to take next, it is also important to see what our intentions are and what we can give out of those actions. Are we contributing to our own mental and emotional growth as well as the mental and emotional growth in others? Or are we just trying to always come out the winner for the sake of showcasing our power? 

With every intention comes either a solution or more problems. It is up to us to see whether our intentions are based on negative core beliefs or possibilities for positive growth. Begin to see intention as the starting point of every dream, and understand that intention is more powerful when it comes from a place of self-awareness than if it arises from a place of self-centeredness. 

Self-centeredness comes from fear and insecurity, which makes it more difficult for us to detach from outcomes. Whereas self-awareness comes from a sense of contentment, which makes it easier for us to not be easily influenced by other people's doubts or criticisms. It's about time we began our new journey from a place of self-awareness, where we are ready to plant our true intentions into the flowering depths of our consciousness, and to start protecting our energy to make room for our dreams to grow.

It is up to us to see whether our intentions are based on negative
core beliefs or possibilities for positive growth.

Happy New Moon! The Moon is joining the Sun, Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius, marking an idealistic and philosophical New Moon in the sign of the restless Centaur. Regardless of internal fears or actual real world barriers, we can start to see the power of sticking to our vision, mission and goal. Remaining positive in the midst of adversity is also highlighted under this New Moon. 

Even if Saturn's influence has been sobering us up to the reality of our beliefs and aspirations, the presence of the Sun and Mercury in the sign also highlights our creativity and ways we can bring in fresh new ideas, perspectives and inspirations. This is a time to explore the new energy between the present and the future. To stay curious, as well as to trust the process of change and growth.

The Moon is forming a square to Neptune, and we may be feeling stuck, and impatient regarding some delays. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, try to get a good night's sleep because sleep deprivation can worsen our anxiety and our ability to think clearly. Do our best to get some rest in between assignments if possible. Retreat and pull back our energy from the outside world as our sensitivity is heightened at this time.

The overly busy mind can block us from inner wisdom if we don't step back and rest once in a while. Be open to let dreams surface and ideas to flow through us as we process our emotions. After the break, we may want to make some changes because new epiphanies have a way of arising when we feel rejuvenated and well rested.

Even if Saturn's influence has been sobering us up to the reality of
our beliefs and aspirations, the presence of the Sun and
Mercury in the sign also highlights our creativity
and ways we can bring in fresh new ideas,
perspectives and inspirations.

The Moon is also forming a sextile to Mars and Jupiter, and we are reminded of the importance of shielding ourselves from harsh or negative energy. Shielding ourselves is a way to ensure that our energy stays high and clean, especially if we are working in a harsh environment or interacting with people who tend to be negative.

There are many ways we can clear our own energy. One is to visualize a light surrounding us, and affirm, "I am surrounding myself with love and light, and only positivity can penetrate this light." Another way to clear our energy is to take a very warm bath with sea salts, because salt water has the ability to absorb negative energy. Going outside and connecting with nature is also another great way to replenish our energy, because flowers and trees have gentle, loving energy with unique healing properties.

With the Moon's trine to Uranus Rx, we are guided once again to ask ourselves: Who do I want to be? Who do I need to be to live out my dreams? What do I need to believe in order to have the life I truly want? We were born with the power to imagine. If we can dream it, we can create it. The future is not set in stone, so allow the power of our creativity to deliver images of what feeds our soul. Clear our inner slate of worries from catastrophizing and awfulizing. Release any residual fear. Then begin envisioning a brand new future.

Yaviz Basalamah

New Moon in Sagittarius: Conjunct the Sun, Saturn and Mercury
● Square Neptune in Pisces ● Sextile Mars in Aquarius and
Jupiter in Libra ● Trine Uranus Rx in Aries



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Full Moon in Taurus | Back in Your Element

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 November 13th, 2016 

Full Moon in Taurus:
As you listen more closely to what your body needs, you
will connect more closely to the voice of your soul.

How can we discover our true inner element?

What does it truly mean to be in our element?

We can start to find the clues by asking ourselves,

"When was the last time I felt most myself? What was I doing?
Where was I at the time? And how did I feel?"

Being in our element is not only about expressing our authentic selves. According to author and speaker, Sir Ken Robinson, finding our element is also about systematically identifying our talents and passions, then seeking or creating opportunities where these two factors overlap. "It's not enough to be good at something to be in your element," says Robinson, "because there are plenty of people who are good at things they don't really care for."

Once we identify our passions, we can begin to recognize the possibilities from finding and following our true inner element. From there, we can also begin to understand the concept and the true value of connecting with the voice of our soul.

One way to connect more closely to our soul's voice is to release any anger we may harbor against our body. When we feel angry towards our body, we are telling our body that we hate it or hate parts of it. Good physical health comes from love and appreciation. We want to put as much love into our body as we possible can. To be more gentle with our body, and to talk to our body in kinder ways.

When we are feeling unwell, our body is telling us that something we have been doing is not good for us. We need to learn to listen more closely to what our body is saying, and begin creating a healthier mental atmosphere. Know that our body is always speaking to us, and so is our soul. It's about time we recaptured the magic of being a passionate participant in our own mental, physical and spiritual growth.

Once we identify our passions, we can begin to recognize
the possibilities from finding and following
our true inner element.

Happy Full Moon! The Moon is in Taurus and forming an opposition to the Sun in Scorpio, marking an extra persistent and determined Full Moon in the sign of the Bull. In many ways, we are beginning to better comprehend what it means to be at one with our body and to be in our element. We may not figure it all out right away, but an openness to explore more deeply what we desire can open a doorway to a new level of self-realization.

The Taurus Moon is forming a trine to Venus and Pluto, and we realize that everything happens in the present, and only this moment counts. We have what it takes to create miracles if we let go of the need to look into the future and reflect on the past. Let our heart trust that we have everything right now, regardless of whether or not we have the kinds of relationships we desire. Tomorrow is beyond our reach, and yesterday cannot return. Do not put our focus on meeting a goal in the far-off future, but on creating our dream and claiming our prosperity now. 

An openness to explore more deeply what we desire can
open a doorway to a new level of self-realization.

The Moon is also forming a square to Mars, and we are asked to restructure parts of our life to find balance. What area are we spending too much time on? And what area are we neglecting? Even if we think it's impossible to gain balance, it is, because we have the power to choose.

Perhaps it's about devoting more time to self-care, to exercise more regularly or to eat more healthily. Perhaps it's about making space to find quiet moments to ourselves so that we can regain our center. As we take back our power to say yes to that which truly matters to us, and to say no to that which only brings anxiety and fear, we can bring back balance and inner peace into our lives.

With the Moon's sextile to Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx, we get to release something that is completed, or that was never our truth in the first place. We are ready to let go of anything that's toxic, and we realize that our optimism is what increases the speed of our manifestation power.

This Taurus Full Moon is about having an honest conversation with ourselves about what's working and no longer working in our life. Even a few moments spent alone in contemplation, ideally outside in nature, can help uplift our mood and energy to stay positive. Remember to listen more closely to our body, and know that we always have within us the courage to follow our soul's voice to a path more in alignment with our true inner element.

Yaviz Basalamah

Full Moon in Taurus: Trine Venus and Pluto in Capricorn ● Square Mars in Aquarius
● Sextile Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx in Pisces ● Oppose the Sun in Scorpio



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New Moon in Scorpio | When Everything Changes

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 October 30th, 2016 

Holding on is believing that there's only a past;
letting go is knowing that there's a future.
Daphne Rose Kingma

New Moon in Scorpio:
Nothing changes until you start believing in yourself.

Change is not for the faint-hearted. Change is for those who want to let go of the old — not only because they need to, but because they want to. Those who are ready to make their transition from an ending to a brand new beginning. Although there may be a sense of comfort in routines, understanding that change is one constant in life can help us become less attached to them. 

Sometimes change can be filled with happiness and excitement, while other times it can also be filled with fear and anxiety. One of the first steps to take to help us successfully move forward and embrace change is to disengage from the familiar so that we can reevaluate our identity. What truly lies beneath our attachments? What is behind our deepest needs and wants? Are we ready to stand in our power and step into the future with the new insights that come from change? 

There is wisdom in seeing the power of perspective in the midst of change. Rather than looking at change as an ending, we can look at it as a time for seeing our true potential and recognizing new opportunities. Rather than feeling stuck from focusing on what we cannot change, we can ask ourselves, "What is the next step for my best interest and well-being?". Every moment holds the seed of transformation. Are we stuck in our cocoon of old, outdated patterns of belief, or are we ready to break free and fly (realizing that we had our wings all along)?

Although there may be a sense of comfort in routines,
understanding that change is one constant in life
can help us become less attached to them.

Happy New Moon! The Moon is joining the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, marking an extra transformative and regenerative New Moon in the sign of the Scorpion. The transition from the past to whatever comes next is the theme of this New Moon. While transitions can sometimes call for a celebration, they can also be downright painful, and yet (hopefully) liberating down the road. Even if the past has been reasonably steady and familiar, moving forward to a future that will be different can actually be an emotionally freeing process.

The journey in between the past and the future may be long and arduous, or short and shaky, but we will come out stronger and wiser after having been reborn. This is where we get to experience the true meaning of transformation. A time when we can no longer be the same person we were before. A time when we can no longer see our world in the same way. Something shifts within us and we get to look at life from a different perspective.

Understand that seeing the world in a new way doesn't mean letting go of the past entirely. Walking down the memory lane is different to harboring resentment towards a person or situation. We get to choose what we want to hold on to. Are we going to keep holding our past in front of us, thus blocking our ability to enjoy the present and build a new future? Or are we going to see the past as a place that holds valuable lessons, leading us toward a path of new growth and personal empowerment?

The journey in between the past and the future may be long
and arduous, or short and shaky, but we will come out
stronger and wiser after having been reborn.

The Moon is forming a trine to Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx, and there's a message about our spiritual growth and awakening, which is taking us to a new level of awareness. We are perhaps still deciding how much we are ready to let go, and how much we are willing to trust and believe in the future. The New Moon may bring up questions about what we truly believe, and the depth of our authenticity with our faith.

We've been hurt before, and walls we've created around our heart has been creating emotional numbness. This is the time for getting emotionally raw and real with seeing our true soul and ego. Ultimately, we realize that it's about choosing to trust ourselves, including trusting our instincts and listening to our intuition.

With the Moon's sextile to Pluto and Mars, we are admitting the truth to ourselves and begin to act accordingly. Regardless of the sweeping changes, we can be extra alert to ideas that come into our mind, and are ready to do some research on how to develop more workable plans. The key is to keep committing to the path of our heart. Because anything that feels less than the truth will feel more like a burden, and hence blocks our way forward.

This Scorpio New Moon is reminding us to envision our ideas as being fulfilled. To feel the sense of passion we have for remaining true to our goals. To process our emotions, listen to our inner voice, and know that we always have what it takes to reach our full potential when we truly believe in ourselves.

Yaviz Basalamah

New Moon in Scorpio: Conjunct the Sun and Mercury ● Trine Neptune Rx
and Chiron Rx in Pisces ● Sextile Pluto and Mars in Capricorn



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