30th Birthday

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October 20th, 2015

The big 3.0 is finally here! I thought I was going to feel anxious about it. Turns out, I feel just the same, if not better! Honestly, it can be tempting at this time to look at what others have done or achieved in their life, and then to look at my own life and feel like I haven't done enough. But I know that this doesn't have to be about that after all, but more about what I want to do next in my life! I have to admit, I do have that perfectionist streak in me. Always striving to do better, and be better than I was yesterday, which can be good in one way, but tiring at the same time. Because it often takes me longer to do or to create things, as I make sure that everything works well, looks good, and makes sense. I'm still working on that. All I need to do now is to start being more present in the moment, and to begin a more intimate connection with my soul. A more mature connection. A more accepting connection. A more peaceful connection. Here's to another year of growing!

Yaviz Basalamah