Change of Pace

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It really is true, these past couple of weeks (even months) have been pretty intense for all of us. We are all going through massive changes in our lives as we are approaching the new year, or the so called end of the Mayan calendar (21.12.2012). I am grateful, though... grateful in knowing that we're all in this together, we're all learning together, we're all leaving the past together, and together we are on our way to new beginnings. One of the biggest challenges in my life these past couple of months has been communication. It's been extremely difficult for me to find ways to communicate what I'm going through inside. I used to find it easy to express myself, through art, or through close friends. But because of the rapid changes that have been happening in my life, especially in my professional life, I got very busy and secluded in my work, and ways to communicate I used to have to no problem with became blocked. Thus I've been working extremely hard to find answers that can help solve this problem, to find more ways that can bring me to a new way of speaking my mind and heart, and well, pretty much a new way of being in general. One of the most effective solutions I have come to find is writing. Perhaps expressing everything verbally at once wouldn't exactly be easy, which is why by writing messages/emails, mobile texting, BlackBerry or WhatsApp chatting have been good outlets for me to overcome my communication block. I have started to open myself up more and more through these outlets and have been feeling better and better since then. Another thing I wanted to talk about again is my quest for perfection. I now feel perfection is something that we can actually achieve once in a while, just not all the time. I know some people don't think this way, they believe that perfection doesn't exist. But the word 'perfection' itself exists for a reason, a reason that only our own souls can understand. We all have choices, even the simplest things in life can be perfect for us, whatever those things may be. Maybe drinking tea or coffee in the morning, or simply achieving good work can be perfect for us in some moments. In a few days, months or years time we might change again, but at this point in time, our choice of what's perfect for us is alright. Another thing I wanted to address that some people might have in mind is weight loss. Yes I have been losing weight, only because I've been taking better care of myself. By evening walks, and also by a change in my diet, which has resulted in the weight loss. I now take good care of what I put into my stomach, a concept I simply couldn't comprehend in the past. I used to weigh 81 kgs now I weigh 68 kgs. Speaking of my diet, one of the biggest changes is turning vegetarian. I became a vegetarian some time after my 27th birthday. It hasn't been that long, though it's been quite a change for me and the results have been mostly positive. I've been feeling a lot calmer, and lighter, and I guess the weight loss is partly due to this too. I have also begun meditating, to find more peace, clarity, answers and inspirations from within. Here is the thing with meditation, some people think it's a particularly religious thing. It can be, for some people, but not really entirely in its entirety. I think in the beginning we can find our own ways to meditate. We don't have to follow all the rules right away, though with time, naturally, we will find better ways to improve our meditation. One good example is sitting up straight for a long period of time, this can be quite challenging for most of us, which is why in the beginning we can simply rest our backs against something, and maybe with the support of a pillow too. Same goes with music, I know some say that meditation means quieting our minds, but if we worry that we're going to get bored and uninspired if we just sit straight and do nothing, we can put some music on that can help relax and inspire us. When I say music that can help relax and inspire us, I am strictly speaking about the kind of music that have especially upbeat, positive (and slightly magical) vibes. No slow violin music, no popular or hipster music with dramatic undertones. I mean truly peaceful music, or simply meditation music that can best fit our interests. All in all, I believe that if we can find the courage to constantly evolve, change and improve, all will constantly turn out great and wonderful! I end this blog post here for now. I want to thank you for reading... talk more soon next time 

Yaviz Basalamah