Video | Supersoul

My third solo exhibition at Alila Ubud, Bali, 2011

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I have to admit, it's been real fun making the first 2 solo exhibition videos that I ended up making another one
for my 3rd solo exhibition, Supersoul. It really is about showing my gratitude for those experiences by
showcasing them again in a different medium, and in this case, videos. This one has got to be my
favourite of all the 3 videos my brother and I made so far. It's 6 years after my 2nd
solo exhibition, many things have happened since then. I've grown, and
it's all reflected on the Soul Series. Anyway, here is the video.

Yaviz Basalamah

PS. I'm so excited Diane Pernet posted this video on her website, a Shaded View on Fashion.
Thank you so much, Diane, you truly are an inspiration with a wonderful heart and soul.

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