Full Moon in Gemini | Your Redefining Moments

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 December 13th, 2016 

Behind every good speech (testimony) there is a story
full of pain, hardship and sorrowful moments.

Full Moon in Gemini:
Act from the soul and speak from the heart, because your actions
define your character and your words define who you are.

Who are we in our moments of joy, peace and love? Who are we in our moments of fear, worry and sorrow? Who are we when everybody's watching? Who are we when nobody's watching? There are many layers to life, and there are also many different roles we play over the course of our lifetimes.

The way we think when we are joyful may be different to the way we think when we are sorrowful. The way we act around one person may be different to the way we act around another. The wisdom lies in recognizing the true purpose of each of those roles in our lives. And how one role can have an impact on other roles we play and how we are feeling. 

The deeper we get into understanding the different layers in ourselves, the more we realize just how much more there is to know about our soul. There are times when life can feel so complicated, and we wonder whether or not we are still the same person or believe in the same things. 

In many ways, we are, but with greater understanding about the workings of life and our never-ending self discoveries. Yes, life can be overwhelming. But if we open our eyes wide enough, we will see that life can also be exciting and full of learning opportunities.

Are we acting from the soul and speaking from the heart? Or are we making decisions based on what we feel is wrong in our lives? Give ourselves the space to look closer into our joy. To look closer into our sorrow. There are endless discoveries to be found in our willingness to grow, and our openness to look beyond old, self-limiting beliefs. 

Begin to see pain not as an enemy, but as an old friend with endless wisdom to share. There are more layers to peel, and more magic to unleash. The possibilities are limitless. It's about time we greeted them with open heart.

The deeper we get into understanding the different layers
in ourselves, the more we realize just how much
more there is to know about our soul.

Happy Full Moon! The Moon in Gemini is forming an opposition to Saturn and the Sun in Sagittarius, marking a thoughtful and pragmatic Full Moon in the sign of the Twins. If we have been spreading ourselves too thin, or feeling overloaded with responsibilities, this is the time to pause and sort out our priorities.

Are we getting caught up in our own perfectionism? Is there anything that could wait until later? What are our top priorities? Look for ways to unburden our schedules. Slowing down, being flexible and having a more playful attitude are necessary at this time.

The Moon is forming a trine to Venus and Mars, and opening our heart to love has amazing benefits and blessings. With a mixed bag of energies from the Pre-Shadow of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde, let universal love open the door to our healing.

Is it possible that we are too guarded with our hearts, which is blocking us from the flow of love in our lives? Empower ourselves to no longer deny our feelings or accept any form of emotional abuse. Begin the process of lowering any walls around our hearts, and let love free our minds. 

The Moon is also forming a trine to Jupiter, bringing to us another reminder of the power of positivity. Our positive outlook is a very powerful energy. There is a gateway energy opening, and our faith can powerfully increase the speed of our manifestations and answered prayers. 

Rather than attracting obstacles with a pessimistic outlook, we can improve any situation by attracting new possibilities with optimism. Taking part in the Grand Air Trine, Jupiter brings a message of hope and faith, and that there is always a positive way to speak our truth and share information.

Taking part in the Grand Air Trine, Jupiter brings a message of
hope and faith, and that there is always a positive way
to speak our truth and share information.

With the Moon's square to Neptune, we remember that with each experience, we learn more about ourselves. Our reactions and our patterns have opened the way to a deeper level of self-awareness. We can begin to understand the driving intentions in others and in ourselves, and how our motives define the nature of our experiences.

As we understand our 'why' better, we can see whether we are motivated by the desire to serve and inspire, or whether we are driven by unresolved issues from our ego. Listen to the voice of our intuition, what does it tell us about our motives?

The Moon is also making a sextile to Uranus Rx, and we are ready for something new. We have come to this point armed with new wisdom and knowledge, and we can sense a new phase of our life is about to begin.

We can take action knowing that we are ready to step into our power, our light, and our service to the world. The Gemini Full Moon is shining a light on the direction we are moving in, and our soul is smiling with joy as we walk further down the road to our true destiny.

Yaviz Basalamah

Full Moon in Gemini: Trine Venus + Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter
in Libra ● Square Neptune in Pisces ● Oppose Saturn and
the Sun in Sagittarius ● Sextile Uranus Rx in Aries



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