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 September 16th, 2016 

 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces:
The greatest revolutions begin within. They are a struggle of the spirit,
stuck between the past and the future. A metamorphosis of the
soul, going from one level of awareness to the next.

The past no longer works. What used to work in our lives is no longer working now. Who we were yesterday can no longer fit within who we are today and what we're currently going through. This is no longer a matter of changing ourselves for the sake of change, but because of what's being asked of us.

We are being asked to reinvent ourselves. To stretch ourselves beyond our old limitations. To release negative beliefs about ourselves that feel like truth, but actually not. To embody our truest selves in order to fulfill our highest aspirations and reach our full potential.

Where there was obscurity, now there is clarity. Where there were lies, now there is truth. What can we see now that we couldn't see before? What are we ready to let go so that we can become more truthful to ourselves? Being honest with ourselves is the way to personal growth and true liberation of the soul. Being true to ourselves brings inner peace through conquering the conflicts we carry within our own minds.

When we are feeling stuck between the past and the future, one of the first steps to take is to look at how honest we have been to ourselves. The confidence that comes from acknowledging what is true is the key to release our suffering from clinging to the past.

This doesn't mean that we should erase the past, but more to see the past as a time when personal growth and development took place. A time when we learned more about ourselves and the world around us. A time when we discovered our truth and inner freedom. As we become more honest with ourselves, we discover a truth that goes beyond what we see or what we feel, and that's where our true power resides.

The confidence that comes from acknowledging what is true is
the key to release our suffering from clinging to the past.

Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! The Moon is joining Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx in Pisces forming an opposition to Mercury Rx and the Sun in Virgo, marking an extra instinctive and imaginative Full Moon in the sign of the Fish. With a Lunar Eclipse happening at the same time, we get a chance to finally let go of something that is holding us back from moving forward.

The act of letting go may be something that we get to do time and time again in life, but during a Lunar Eclipse period, forces out of our control can drive us to release from ourselves illusions of disempowerment and embrace our personal power.

Typically, power has been viewed in a negative light due to the negative ways in which power and influence have been exercised. But there is a clear distinction between positive power, which comes in the form of personal power, and negative power.

Personal power is based on the strength and confidence one gradually acquires from personal growth and evolution. This type of power symbolizes a movement toward self-realization and spiritual awakening. Its primary goal is control and mastery of self, not others - which is the primary goal of negative power.

The Moon's conjunction to Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx is reminding us of the deep healing power of forgiveness of self and others. It's about time we cleaned out old stuck anger, blame or resentment we may have been holding on. Even if what another person did is unforgivable, it's time to stop harboring their essence so that we can clear our energy and lift our spirits.

Always remember that we are a divine conduit of love and healing. Through forgiveness, we open a doorway to spiritual mastery and hence able to help others cope through the same life lessons with our own spiritual centeredness.

Even if what another person did is unforgivable, it's time
to stop harboring their essence so that we can
clear our energy and lift our spirits.

With the Moon's square to Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius, some parts of our lives need re-balancing. Perhaps we have been working too much or postponing our priorities to exercise, eat healthily, meditate or create. Rather than feeling overburdened, try to bring an element of fun back into our lives. This is not to neglect our duties or responsibilities, but to find a way to feel less overwhelmed by not being so serious all the time.

Dedicate some time to balance by doing something we really enjoy or creating something which is meaningful to us. Let go of the tendency to think worst-case scenarios by opening our mind to new, unseen possibilities. Changes happening now are divinely orchestrated to remind us of life's bigger reason and purpose. Ask ourselves, "Are these delays reminding me about the true meaning of patience?", "Is this problem teaching me the true power of being emotionally resilient?".

Dedicate some time to balance by doing something we really
enjoy or creating something which is meaningful to us.

The Moon is also forming a sextile to Pluto Rx in Capricorn, bringing to us the courage to renew the way we express our emotions, unleashing a new power within us. This points to a time in the cycle of human life when things need stirring up in order for true, revolutionary change to take place.

The strength of the forces of change will be in alignment with our emotional growth. And we will find that chaos is an integral part of that much-needed change. Not all chaos are bad. Without chaos, there would be no order. By taking a closer look at what is within a chaos, we start to recognize familiar patterns and begin to rebuild our personal structures.

Chaos can also provide a way to see from multiple perspectives. Everything that doesn't work is taken from us so that the truest parts of ourselves remain. The Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a time to recognize that even in the seeming chaos, there is divine order. Don't be afraid to jump into the mix. Be present in the eye of the chaos. Everything that's happening now is in truth shaking things up so that we can find the real path to our true destiny.

Yaviz Basalamah

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: Conjunct Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx
● Square Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius ● Sextile Pluto Rx in
Capricorn ● Oppose Mercury Rx and the Sun in Virgo



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