New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo | The Magick of Self-Love

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 September 1st, 2016 

The greatest gift you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention.
Anthony J. D'Angelo

New Moon in Virgo: What got you through your
dark moments was your heart's resilience.

As we give to ourselves the same amount of love we give to others, we give ourselves the gift of living up to our full potential. As we give to ourselves the same amount of respect we give to others, we give ourselves the chance to step into our truest identity.

The root of self-love begins in the heart. The ability to love ourselves regardless of what we consider to be our flaws or shortcomings is the first step to turn self-hatred into self-compassion. Loving ourselves is not the same as being narcissistic. Loving ourselves comes from being kind and loving to ourselves, whereas narcissism comes from covering up our insecurities with false displays of confidence. 

Loving ourselves is also not about ignoring aspects of ourselves that we don't like. It's about quietening down that negative inner critic and replacing it with more compassionate self-beliefs that can help us see ourselves in a more loving light. From there, we can begin to look at ourselves from a more loving perspective and stop being too hard on ourselves.

Think about those we care about and how we treat them and start treating ourselves in the same way. Talk to ourselves the way we would talk to a good friend. Ask ourselves, "What would I say to a good friend who was going through the same thing I am going through?". 

Start embracing the concept of 'good enough' rather than striving for perfection all of the time. The quest for excellence shouldn't jeopardize our sense of security and well-being. Give ourselves the gift of space. The space to be more attentive to ourselves. The space to grow beyond our old limitations. The space to love ourselves unconditionally where we feel more open to accept ourselves just the way we are. 

Happy New Moon! The Moon is joining the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury Rx in Virgo, marking a super intuitive and illuminating New Moon in the sign of the Virgin. Seeing from a higher perspective is what we need now to understand our circumstances from a neutral vantage point. 

Instead of only considering ourselves, try to consider what we need to understand the people and environment we're currently engaged in. Other points of view are needed before we can move forward. There's a big world out there - filled with a multitude of potential.  The New Moon in Virgo is guiding us to widen our scope and see beyond the small 'self'.

The Moon is forming a square to Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius, and fear is leading the way into places we don't need to go. Facing the unknown is the only choice we have right now if we truly want progress. It's okay to be afraid, but that shouldn't stop us from taking a leap of faith. Listen to our heart and soul as we are called to express our true selves. It's time to come to the edge and discover that we can fly. But first we must step into the unfamiliar in order to find our miracles.

The Moon is also forming an opposition to Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx in Pisces, bringing to us the opportunity to co-create our reality with the magick of self-love. We are creating our reality every moment of every day with our feelings, thoughts, beliefs and actions. Instead of letting self-hate lead the way, let self-love be the paintbrush that co-creates a beautiful, unique expression of our soul. Be a manifestor of dreams by reveling in the power of our will and inspiration. Reclaim our partnership with Spirit and get out of our own way.

With the Moon's trine to Pluto Rx in Capricorn, we are setting new standards and boundaries which are more in alignment with our true values. It's human nature to yearn for certainty and resist change, yet one thing guaranteed now is change. As we are guided to shift directions, we will embrace ourselves more fully with renewed clarity and strength.

The Virgo New Moon, which also happens to be a Solar Eclipse, brings a time of butterfly-like transformation. It's about time we recognized that we did our best with what we understood back then. It's about time we appreciated the lessons we've learned from our choices. It's about time we asked ourselves, "How can I love myself more?", "How can I forgive myself and accept myself more fully?", "How can I build a stronger foundation within me with the new awareness, knowledge and understanding that I have now?".

Yaviz Basalamah

New Moon in Virgo: Conjunct the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury Rx ● Square Saturn and
Mars in Sagittarius ● Oppose Neptune Rx in Pisces ● Trine Pluto Rx in Capricorn



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