Full Moon in Aquarius | Yes Please!

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 August 18th, 2016 

Full Moon in Aquarius: Every day is another chance to ditch the false self
and dig in a little deeper to unlock your true potential.

Within our empowered self lies our true potential. The potential to grow. The potential to see from a more liberated point of view. The potential to break free from old shackles of disempowerment and live authentically from the soul.

Some have been wearing a mask of their idealized self for a long time that they forget where their true self resides. The mask of an idealized self is a mask we wear to hide negative beliefs we have about ourselves. These negative self-beliefs may seem like our true identity, when in truth, they are only our ego's attempt to separate us from love. And without knowing it, we attach ourselves to fear and begin questioning our self worth.

Know that in essence, we are all multifaceted and complex, and finding our sense of empowerment doesn't mean neglecting our core pain and false self altogether. It means that by getting in touch with what motivates us to embody our core power, we also become aware of the beliefs that drive our core wound. From there, we are able to locate where our pain is located within us, and find a way to strengthen our ability to rise above false self-beliefs.

As we gradually release our sense of disempowerment, we open the door to wisdom greater than what is available in the limitations of human experience. This is where our true power lies. The power to listen to the oracle within. The power to navigate our journeys by accessing our inner guidance. The power of deep knowing and trusting our vibes. No matter what's going on around us, we stay true to ourselves and stick to our gut. It's time to say "no, thank you" to anyone in our life who exhausts us and say "yes please!" to everything that strengthens our spirit and liberates our soul.

Happy Full Moon! The Moon is in Aquarius forming an opposition the Sun in Leo, marking a Full Moon in the sign of the Water Bearer. A complete resolution is on the way, as long as we're open to the idea of evolution.

Evolution is a gradual process of growth. A willingness to evolve. An openness to change. This is a good time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, "Who am I?", "Am I truly the kind of person I believe I am?", "How can I evolve and become the kind of person I want to be?".

The idea of liberating ourselves from past limitations can be especially appealing to us now. We want to be more open, more authentic, more ourselves. We can see that our unique qualities are not something to be ashamed of, but something to be cherished. There is great power in understanding our own story now. Realizing that the story we tell ourselves define the nature of our experiences.

We may not always know why we do the things we do, because our feelings are not always logical. But now is the time to recognize whether we are being triggered by old, outdated beliefs we have about ourselves or unresolved issues from the past. Listen closely to the messages from our intuition. What does it tell us about ourselves and others?

Aquarians like to find ways to revolutionize old ideas and bring them into the future for the greater good. Whether through creating social groups and connecting with like-minded individuals on the internet, or through expressing their unique talents in a way that can benefit the human race as a whole. Be extra clear now about why we want the things we do. Are we driven by a desire to serve? Or are we sharing our talents because we simply want to be admired?

The Moon is forming a sextile to Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius, and our drive to move forward is back. Keep going in the direction of our hopes, dreams, or plans. It's important that we stand our ground and believe in ourselves. Do not let other people intimidate us into quitting. Just because they don't have our vision doesn't mean we shouldn't follow our heart.

What we need now is faith. Stay positive and visualize the outcome we're hoping for. Let go of negativity or pessimism and choose a more sunny outlook where we have more faith in ourselves and our cherished dreams. Mars and Saturn joining hands calls for us to take matters into our own hands. And to remember that setting boundaries with those around us to create a safe and secure environment is nothing to apologize for.

With the Moon's sextile to Uranus Rx in Aries, it's about time we made a conscious choice to be the person we are meant to be. We know that there is something more out in the world for us when we embody our truest self. Uranus in a retrograde phase is guiding us to let our inner truth talk and urging us to leave toxic situations behind. Or at least distance ourselves temporarily so that we can regain our center.

Sometimes all we need is a time to rest, recover and heal from all our experiences. Give our mind a chance to heal from harsh energy and intensity. We have the ability to walk away from anyone or anything that's triggering emotional pain. And as we walk away, we will gain insights into what we will and won't accept in the future. It's a time of self-discovery and resurgence of energy. A time of admitting the truth to ourselves. A time of following our dream into fruition. A time to affirm: Yeah! LET'S DO THIS.

Yaviz Basalamah

Full Moon in Aquarius: Sextile Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius and
Uranus Rx in Aries ● Oppose the Sun in Leo



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