New Moon in Capricorn | Reaffirming Dreams

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 January 10th, 2016 

New Moon in Capricorn: Release. Rebuild. Reaffirm. Do whatever
it takes for you to transform, evolve and move forward.

With new dreams, new hopes and new goals to reach, where should we begin? Vision would be a good place to start. When was the last time we really thought about our vision? The true vision that we have for our life? Why do we want to achieve the goals that we want to achieve? What lies below the surface of our hopes? Perhaps it's about time we thought of new ways to achieve them? Or perhaps we simply have different dreams altogether now? Whatever the case may be, know that our hopes and dreams can reveal to us our innermost desires. And there is a lot that we can learn from our desires. Where do these desires stem from within us? Do they come from an empowered place inside of us where we wish to expand and elevate? Or do they come from a disempowered place where we wish to fulfill someone else's wishes or to fill a hole within our ego?

By understanding the difference between the two we can begin to better comprehend our dreams. By realizing the true purpose behind our dreams we can start taking the necessary steps to achieve them. Sometimes releasing is one of the most important steps we need to take to rebuild a new and more solid foundation within ourself. This can mean releasing old beliefs, old hurts, old grudges, or simply anything that no longer serves our greatest purpose. Releasing is a good way to cleanse the dusty remnants in our soul. To release means that we are ready to let go of old blocks and make way for a new path. And a new path appears when we are ready to redefine our goals and renew our efforts. It's time for us to revitalize our soul by reaffirming our dreams.

Happy New Moon! The Moon is conjoining Pluto, the Sun and Mercury Rx in Capricorn, marking an extra responsible and determined New Moon in the sign of the Mountain Goat. With Mercury now in the retrograde phase, this can be a great time to rethink and restrategize for the year ahead. Finding new ideas to boost our productivity is favoured at this time and we should at least find a new sense of courage to move ahead with our goals. The Moon conjoining transformative Pluto can shed some light on our truest feelings about dreams we have been trying to reach. Are we still passionate enough to enjoy the process to achieve them? Or are we perhaps feeling less passionate because of the amount of time it takes for us to attain them?

However we may be feeling now, instead of focusing on the far future, try to focus more on the near future where we can see things a little more clearly. Instead of thinking about the amount of steps we have yet to take, try to think more about the next step we need to take. By moving our attention away from that which makes us feel fearful of the future to that which gives us hope for the present, we make room for our determination to grow. The Capricorn New Moon is guiding us to be very aware of our inner truths, as they are trying to give us the keys to our freedom. The more honest and emotionally vulnerable we are with ourself, the deeper our insights will be. Trust that it is safe for us to know our true feelings without feeling overwhelmed by them. It will actually be a relief to finally understand ourself with more compassion.

With the Moon's sextile to Mars and Neptune, we will have the experience of choosing to move forward on a change, and having outside circumstances inspire this change. This is partly related to the new insights we have been getting, and all the releasing we have been doing. Look at anything we may be trying to control, but which seems blocked. They are telling us that this is our time to let go of any underlying fears or worries that would trigger control issues. With Mercury (the planet of communication) forming a supportive aspect to Mars in Scorpio (a sign that's all about the truth) and Neptune in Pisces (a sign that's all about faith) there could be heated but eventually transforming conversations regarding what we believe to be the truth. Reminiscing stories and experiences from the past with a more open mind and heart is also possible at this time.

The Moon is also forming a square to Uranus, and we want to put our focus more on self-confidence and believing in ourself. Realizing that life is indeed an adventure, we feel more secure in becoming an open vessel to new changes and revelations. Understanding that we are on our own unique, individual mission, we ignite tenacity from the deep well of our soul. The Moon's trine to Jupiter Rx helps us to see our present situation with more faith and to recognize the blessings in disguise. There are hidden gifts and talents within waiting to be discovered. The more that we count our blessings, the more that we can open our arms to receive those gifts and know that we deserve them. By following the path of our natural potentials with the full intention of bringing joy to ourself and others, we infuse more passion into our present and future moments.

Yaviz Basalamah

New Moon in Capricorn: Conjunct Pluto / the Sun / Mercury Rx ● Sextile Mars in Scorpio
and Neptune in Pisces ● Square Uranus in Aries ● Trine Jupiter Rx in Virgo


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