Full Moon in Cancer | Conquering Your Sea of Emotions

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 December 25th, 2015 

Full Moon in Cancer: Don't believe the lies your ego tells.
Believe the truth your soul shares.

The constant battle between what the ego believes to be our truth and what the soul believes to be our truth comes from us confusing one with the other. How can we tell the difference when emotions seem to take over our rationality? It is actually quite simple. The ego wants to stay on top of our emotions. While the soul understands that we are bigger than our emotions. This doesn't mean that the soul doesn't want to deal with our emotions and feelings. It simply means that the soul doesn't want emotions to cloud our sense of judgment. The idea of our ego bruising comes from us thinking that our integrity is being jeopardized. When in truth, our soul's integrity is never in jeopardy. It is the ego that creates the illusion of separation from our sense of empowerment. Whereas the soul brings us back to our awareness and sense of self. By understanding that each and every one of us has our own assumptions, perceptions and expectations, we make less room for the ego to take over whenever we feel emotionally threatened. By understanding that the soul's integrity can never be taken away from us, we make way for our consciousness to keep growing and evolving. Perhaps it's about time we looked deep within our consciousness for any old anger, resentment or grievances. Perhaps it's about time we forgave ourself for thinking that our old self should had known better. Understand that we reacted the way we did because of all the information we knew at the time. There is no fast forward button to life. There are only the play and pause buttons. The play button pushes us to keep on moving forward, while the pause button serves as a reminder for us to stop for a moment and reflect. Let go of our attachment to the ego and become the captain of our soul.

Happy Full Cold Moon! The Moon is in Cancer opposite the Sun, Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn, marking an extra intuitive and emotional Full Moon in the sign of the Crab. The Native American tribes call this the Cold Moon or the Long Nights Moon because it's a time when the winter cold fastens its grip, and it is near the winter solstice - the night with the least amount of daylight. According to NASA, the last time a Full Moon lit up the night sky on Christmas Day was in 1977. This celestial phenomenon will not happen again until 2034. Ruling the 4th House in Astrology, or the House of Family and Home, the Cancer Full Moon couldn't have come at a better time. A time when people like to gather with family and friends. Regardless of our beliefs, the holiday season is a great time to spend with those we care about. If we are missing somebody far away or no longer here in physical form, know that the bond we have with them is eternal, surpassing time and space. They are always close to us in spirit through the love we have in our heart. With Pluto and Mercury energies in the mix, we are thinking of making positive changes on our own. We know what we want and no longer want to settle for second best. With a new sense of independence and self-reliance, we are ready to move forward toward our goal. For some of us, this could mean that we are ready for self-employment, or upgrading our self-employment to the next level. Remember that being independent doesn't mean that we have to plan everything alone. By being open to look past the personalities and egos of others without trying to control or change, we make way for authentic communication and helpful interactions to take place.

The Moon is also forming a trine to Neptune and Venus, and we look to our inner self to bring peace to our life and home. Are we ready to invite more love into our life? Put our heart into our conversations and know that a sense of solidarity can go a long way. It will be great to see that there are many others just like us. Our creativity and imagination will also help to make fun out of anything ordinary. So expect friendships to begin to blossom again during this time as we become open to our more caring and playful attitude. All our senses can also work overtime, including a certain sixth sense about romantic matters. In the heat of the moment, we could connect more fully with our feelings that we feel inspired to produce a piece of art. Take a risk, we might really surprise ourself. With the Moon's square to Uranus Rx and Mars, are we having mood swings? Perhaps we need to get rid of anything negative. Try to go somewhere peaceful and get together with friends or family to share our innermost feelings. This can be one of a hectic whirlwind period for us as the winds are blowing changes our way more strongly. Focus on finding the positive side to everything by remembering that a disagreement can be a great learning experience. With Uranus moving direct, the new week can bring about quite a few changes, and we will soon understand how important every change really was. We can have many new ideas that we want to put action to, and nothing can stop us now from putting those ideas to work. Know that this is only the beginning of new things to come, so step our spirit up to provide the necessary motivation to get to work. Make it a point now to have a heartfelt view of things and let life begin to show its magic once again.

Yaviz Basalamah

Full Moon in Cancer: Oppose the Sun / Pluto / Mercury in Capricorn ● Trine Neptune in Pisces and
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