Moon in Sights | January 31 - February 25 2015

what is authenticity? being yourself without trying to prove yourself. why do so many fear of being accused of inauthenticity? because it is painful to be misunderstood — and it feels good to be understood. what is the proof of authenticity? consistency. 

in life, we may change our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions, but who we truly are deep down in the core will never change. that is the beauty of being human. our story, our lessons, our identity become our unique strength. it is time to recognize them.

photo by Firman Hananda Boedihardjo

moon in cancer: trine venus / neptune / mars in pisces ● square uranus in aries ● oppose pluto in capricorn



★ ★ ★ ★ 

don't give up! your cape is on the way. after all that we've been through, can we find a new solution to an old problem? a new way to heal an old wound? a new sense of hope to hold? there is power in letting go. and there is beauty in moving forward. be ready.

the full moon is filled with promise. a promise to ourself. to go bigger. to be bolder — and be eager in creating space for a better pathway ahead. a path that is filled with new trust in our wisdom and strength.

reach out for all that is good to our heart. that which we can enjoy doing and things that can inspire us more. ideas to solutions will come in faster.

send out good message in vibes. see those goals clearly within reach. you are indeed on the way. happy full moon!

full moon in leo: conjunct jupiter rx ● oppose mercury rx / the sun in aquarius ● trine uranus in aries



★ ★ ★ ★ 

remember to take your vitamin daily for optimum results! vitamins for the soul: prayers of gratitude, positive affirmations, meditation, a walk in nature, sleeping, taking a shower, listening to your favourite music, reading your favourite book. or simply be playful, laugh more, and look for reasons to be grateful every day. 

there has been so much pain in the world. so much fear. and so much sadness. what can we do to make the world a better place? firstly, we need to recognize the simple things many often take for granted every day. from the clean air we breathe, to the water we drink. to be able to wake up in the morning, and go about our day in peace.

yes, there may be distractions on the way. there may be worries and tensions. but there is also the chance to feel differently about a situation. to think differently about the past. to stand tall. and to be inspired by the bigger vision of our life.

where do we go from here? let our intuition do the work so that we will know which string to pull. with peaceful thinking, we could make a great start. just think of what we can do with all the energy we have within us. the same energy that permeates all consciousness. 

start turning dreams into positive goals. make our world a more peaceful place by being an agent of peace. from there, trust abounds. and a chance to make the world a better place.

moon in virgo: square saturn in sagittarius ● oppose neptune / venus / mars in pisces ● trine pluto in capricorn



★ ★ ★ ★ 

love propels what your lucky star wants you to build. 

move forward with fervor, wisdom and gratitude.

events this week have helped us to stand up for our values, which will bring good changes to our overall growth and well being. we may have found a new sense of personal strength where we can in all honesty say that we did it all on our own. keep moving ahead with the eye on the goal. this is sure to bring in a new stepping stone our way.

there will be no shortage of motivation as we share with people we trust. just keep an open mind to new ideas we could use. there is an opportunity to create a good future, to enjoy the satisfaction of working together as a team. and to learn from one another along the way.

we may find the urge to go down memory lane as our mind is like a map with so many routes to choose from. our intentions are good but we need to think ahead. we don't want to face a crossroad that makes a choice more difficult. there are answers all around us, and all we'll need to do is stay calm before making any important decision. our ideals and dreams may come closer to reality now that we have the originality and the vision to move beyond our past mistakes.

allow the magic back into your life. go on — be happy!

moon in libra: conjunct the north node ● sextile saturn in sagittarius ● square pluto in capricorn ● oppose uranus in aries ● trine mercury rx / the sun in aquarius



★ ★ ★ ★ 

hey you! been wanting to let you know that i think you are cute, lovely, and unique! you never change yourself for anyone, and you always follow your heart. i admire you for that. you are beautiful, even though i'm not sure you can always see that yourself. but yes you are! to me, everything about you is beautiful. you are kind, playful, open-minded, and compassionate. i love you forever and ever... thank you for being in my life... i am complete. love, your soul

wherever you may be, never lose sight of who you are. because who you truly are deep down, is the light in your world. 

the moon is bright and shining down on you. the beams touch your soul to show your heart more. take out all you have and share your wisdom with others around you. this brings out a whole new picture that you had not seen before.

listen to your heart. you're in favour with great energy to be increasingly insightful and intuitive. just make sure you don't line up too many thoughts and emotions at the same time. there's a sweet smell of blossoming roses in the air and it has a lot to do with love. it may touch your sensitive side with an awareness of new and exciting things to come. when good times come around then live in the moment, you will love the experience like a touch of adventure. 

your body will do what your mind tells it, and your mind what your heart feels.

moon in scorpio: trine neptune / venus / mars in pisces ● square mercury rx / the sun in aquarius and jupiter rx in leo ● sextile pluto in capricorn



★ ★ ★ ★ 

keep your goals in sight and you'll have the wisdom to succeed and the strength to persevere.

the atmosphere will be charged with opportunities to bring more positive thinking into our life. as we have the right sense of direction to enjoy what is out there to explore. take this opportunity to learn more about our mind. we could discover a hidden part of ourself that thrives on adventure and the unexpected.

there is power behind our ability to help another in need, to make them believe in the goals for the present. we have come a long way together and now is the time to look at what the new picture tells us.

do not stress over something because we don't understand it. the key to making things work is listening to what our inner voice is telling us. we may have found the last three weeks to be difficult in solving problems — we will be surprised at how well it could go now that mercury is direct.

moon in sagittarius: conjunct saturn ● sextile mercury / the sun in aquarius ● square neptune / venus / mars in pisces ● trine uranus in aries and jupiter rx in leo



★ ★ ★ ★ 

plant your feet firmly on the ground and let your heart guide you.

with our positivity and the faith and strength within we will be able to make those dreams come true.

free our mind from old stories we have heard before and state our case clearly to make a positive new start. focus on things that are most important and we could make good progress towards our goals this week. 

do not be afraid of change as we are not alone in this world. our intuition will help us to make the right turn and help with our choices. have trust and open our arms to receive what the universe is ready to give us.

the moon and neptune inspire our imagination to live strong and stay creative as we seize every opportunity to do twice the work than usual. just think of the magic we can create. we have a fantasy, and with that we build a dream.

everything will make logical sense to us at this time - even if things appear to move at a faster pace. we seem to have a better understanding of where we are going and what we need to do when we get there. the key is to keep the faith.

moon in capricorn: conjunct pluto ● sextile neptune / venus / mars in pisces ● square uranus in aries ● quincunx jupiter rx in leo



★ ★ ★ ★ 

draw your mind: ❤

where is the love?

they say love is all around. but where is it, really? if it is in our heart - then why is it hard to recognize, sometimes? how about the pain of being alone? the pain of being with the wrong person? or simply the pain of feeling unloved? what then, can we do to bring more love into our life?

the answer lies in gratitude. why gratitude? because gratitude is one form of love. love of people. love of animals. love of peace. love of love. love of life. maybe we need to find a way to extend our love even more. as love needs room to grow. the bigger the room, the more love to share, and the more spirit we bring into our world. find that love within. a love that transcends all worlds and time.

a second new moon in the same sign promises a second chance to start again. to plant new seeds of hope and desire.

hope for a new beginning and desire for a new life.

fill your path ahead with new spirit for love and life —

then walk. 

moon in aquarius: conjunct mercury ● sextile saturn in sagittarius and uranus in aries ● trine the north node in libra ● oppose jupiter rx in leo ● conjunct the sun (new moon)



★ ★ ★ ★ 

life isn't about having fun, it's about being fulfilled. what's more fun than knowing your purpose and being encouraged because you went the extra mile to help someone else. we all have a light; are we going to let it shine or mask it with unfulfilling things? i choose to let my light shine! -justin bieber (pisces sun)

intellect without compassion is empty, 
for compassion is the root of intellect.

the sun and the moon are conjoining together continuing the new moon energy - marking a magical period for fresh starts. allow the mood to shift, and creative expressions to inspire us. 

we can get the better of our emotions by opening our heart and allowing our soul to be moved by people. new places, new faces and new habits may be of big interest to us at this time. do something special to celebrate that energy. 

romantic feelings are also positive and strong, so let in a little love and romance. it'd be great for our curious mind. go out and do things we love and share them with someone close to our heart. they will bring so much more through their trust and appreciation.

live and learn could be our new motto as we make our journey forward.

a new life awaits.

moon in pisces: conjunct the sun / neptune / venus / mars ● square saturn in sagittarius ● sextile pluto in capricorn ● quincunx jupiter rx in leo



★ ★ ★ ★ 

better to go after what you want than to regret inaction.

doing our best in the present leaves less room for regret in the future than doing nothing at all.

with mars back in his home sign along with venus, uranus, and the moon, there is no better time to explore new options and try new things than now. we want to move with our inspiration, and be moved by our drive, and our passion.

going after what we want doesn't necessarily mean putting ourself in danger, but knowing that we trust our own personal motivation and conviction as we move forward with action.

by following our instinct we can be more open to the outcome as we'll know we have done our best - which is a better feeling than getting stuck wondering what if.

if we have been stuck in a rut, then it is time to come out of our shell. the future will seem a brighter and more attractive place as we follow that true spirit of change.

believe one day you will say,

'i did it.' 

moon in aries: conjunct venus / mars / uranus ● trine saturn in sagittarius and jupiter rx in leo ● sextile mercury in aquarius ● square pluto in capricorn



★ ★ ★ ★ 

earth your inspiration + inspire your earth!

it's not the amount of inspiration that counts, it's how we apply them into our world. 

with taurus' ruling planet venus still closely conjoined with mars, it's the perfect time to focus on the positive and celebrate what life has to offer. transitions taking place this week will bring good changes, in ways we could not have imagined. put on that brave face as our confidence should be stronger than ever.

true effort on our part is likely to add more creative spark to our life. the more we think about finding love (or making money) the more ideas we will find growing in our mind. we have the right spirit to show our talents and the right energy to make something from a plan.

let this time turn into a wonderful productive period, even if we have to compromise some of our time. with our master plan and knowledge we can apply it well. 

let the flow take us along. after all, we have worked hard at it.

moon in taurus: sextile the sun / neptune / chiron in pisces ● square mercury in aquarius and jupiter rx in leo ● trine pluto in capricorn



★ ★ ★ ★ 

keep calm & give your inner voice the chance to speak.

knowing that the more we listen to our inner voice, the more insight we will find. the more we speak our truth, the more authentic our life will be. the more we make mistakes, the more we will learn and grow.

with the sun / neptune conjoining and squaring saturn, it's a good time to sit and talk about things that can set the foundation for the future. two heads are better than one at this time, and together we can come up with the best solution. something that will keep our vision going strong.

no need to look back because what we have now is better than what we had. take a step further and our life can change for the better. we might even realize just how close we are to achieving one of our goals.

we find life exciting and are ready to explore new options. we can use our creativity in any form, as we'll find that there is more to life than we thought possible.

people we meet may create a new wave in our life which could move our way of thinking to another level. just go with it. we will start to see things from a new perspective and have wonderful ideas. just imagine what we could accomplish with our positive thoughts. remember that for every action there is a reaction - and every thought is in itself an action.

let our inner voice guide us as we take that next step towards the ending of our old life and the beginning of a new one.

moon in gemini: sextile mars / venus / uranus in aries and jupiter rx in leo ●‪ oppose saturn in sagittarius ● square the sun / neptune in pisces ●‪ trine mercury in aquarius

Yaviz Basalamah

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