Moon in Review | 28 September - 21 October 2013

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Moon in Cancer | 28 September 2013
Our intuition wants to be heard.

Moon in Leo | 29 September 2013
Feel and own your light.

Moon in Virgo + Sun square Pluto | 2 October 2013
Find balance through your patience. There's true inspiration in your courage.
Listen to your questions for insights.

New Moon in Libra + Uranus square Pluto | October 2013
Happy New Moon in Libra! It's another wonderful time for a fresh new start in our life and to send our loving
intentions out to the universe! Although the energies can get a little tricky at this time, with the New Moon
in challenging aspects to Pluto and Uranus (aka planets of intensity + surprises) ● there could be issues
regarding love/ individuality/ equality to think about /// but with faith, understanding, and full
commitment to our values and dreams, we can deal with whatever is in front of us with open
mind and heart. I truly believe that life is a schoolroom, and we're here to learn,
express our passions and create a circle of love and light wherever we go. So
no matter what happens, always try to see the positive side of life and
trust that everything will work out for our highest good
in the end. Just keep believing and keep reaching
for the stars*. * . (/◔ ◡ ◔)/* . * . * . *!

Moon in Scorpio + North Node, Mercury and Saturn | October 2013
There's more opportunity to see things from a different perspective, a more
familiar one - that can lead to new roads.

Moon in Sagittarius + Venus | October 2013
The pain of not doing it can be worse than the pain of doing it. With the energies generally lightening up, our focus
is back on the bigger vision - this time with an unshakable, grounded sense of magic and optimism.

Moon and Pluto in Capricorn + Neptune | 11 October 2013
As we look with love at the root of our goals and dreams, we discover a new level of
clarity - bringing the key to open the eyes of the soul.

Moon and Juno in Aquarius + Mars | 13 October 2013
Even though we are separated spatially, our souls are constantly unified. As we look to the future with brand new
insights, we are reminded of the power we have in the present moment - and get a good glimpse of what
we're truly capable of. The power is within.

Moon, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces | 15 October 2013
It is human nature to think wisely. Moving to the next level of consciousness, we are guided to once again retrace our
journey. To paint our own picture, draw our own personal conclusion on what it means to forgive, let go and
remain clear-minded. A new path unfolding can help us see that all truly is well.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and Uranus in Aries + Pluto | 18 October 2013
It is always the ego that questions because it is only the ego that doubts. A major turning point is possible at this time,
bringing a genuine heartfelt acceptance that all we are is truly the sum of all that we've learnt so far through our
actions and interactions. Finding balance between 'I am' vs 'we are', inspiration vs action - we move
further ahead in expressing our truest passions with full tenacity and originality.

Moon and Amor in Taurus + Neptune and the Sun | 19 October 2013
Dear God, thank you for helping me to only consume, crave, and desire healthful and life-affirming foods,
beverages, and actions. #DoreenVirtue ○ Magical opportunities are dawning, drawing us to new people,
new places and new projects. It's a wonderful period to bring back the universal flow of
abundance into our life, with renewed vigor and well being - just as we greet
the new dawn, the new day, with love, hope and joy.

Moon in Gemini + Mercury Rx and Jupiter | 21 October 2013
What do you know that you know, that you don't know how you know? It's a wonderful period to find more inspiration
from our inner world. The more questions we ask, the more answers can come in the coming days ahead. Our
actions can also be led by our inquisitiveness at this time, enabling more confidence to flow through
us in ways that are truly rewarding and inspiring. A brand new courage awaits.

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Yaviz Basalamah

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